Welcome to the official webpage of Tommy Joseph/ Naal xák'w, Tlingit artist.
Born in 1964 in Ketchikan, he lives and works in Sitka, Alaska. You can visit him at the Southeast Alaska Indian Cultural Center of Sitka, where he has an open studio.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"New American Voices" Art Show at the Fabric Museum Workshop, Philadelphia

"New American Voices" >2 october>22 November 09 at the Fabric Museum Workshop, Philadelphia

Tlingit Suit, a workshop in the FMW, design by Tommy Joseph

Helmets and designs, by Tommy Joseph

on the wall: photomontage "Tommy as a Totem pole carver" (Michio Hoshino Memorial pole)

on display: Tommy Joseph's Tlingit warrior Helmets masterpieces.

An Eagle and a Raven made their nest in Blatchey Middle School, Sitka

Eagle and Raven panels, carved on red cedar, acrylic paint.
for Blatchey Middleschool, Sitka, AK.
May 09

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Blue Peter Totem pole


The Blue Peter Totem Pole, in Sitka before a ship to London in the Blue Peter garden.
Red cedar, 8 feet, 2008

The Michio Memorial Totem Pole

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A memorial totem pole for Michio Hoshino was raised in Magic Island, Sitka, Alaska, on August 8, 2008 the month and day he was killed, in honor of his work

Lynn Schooler, writer of The blue bear, Tommy Joseph, and Michio's wife. 8 August 2008

Potlatch Bowl

Potlatch Bowl, Eagle and Raven
alder, 19 /11/7 inches, 2007

Potlatch Bowl, Eagle and Raven
Bronze; addition of 20
19 /11/7 inches, 2007

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Killerwhale pannel

Killerwhale screen, 4'/8', Sitka spruce, acrylic paint, 2007

Bentwood bowl

Bentwood bowl, Eagle and Bear
Yew wood, red cedar bace, opercula, 2007

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A totem pole for the family Justice Center of Sitka

Tommy Joseph with the Family Justice Center pole, 2007
12 feet, red Cedar, located in Katlian Street, Sitka, Alaska

VIDEO of Tommy working on the Family Justice Center Pole

Tlingit warrior helmet

Tlingit warrior helmet, Alder, acrylic, human hair, opercula, 2006
for sale at the Devilfish Gallery, Sitka, Alaska (907-747-5656)

the Shee-atika Corporation Totem Pole

details of the Shee-atika Corporation Totem pole, 20 feet, red cedar, 2004, located in the Sheeatika building, Sitka, Alaska

A couple of Totem Poles for Petersburg, Alaska

A couple of Totem poles, 35 feet, red Cedar, 2000, located in Petersburg , Alaska

The Kiks.adi memorial Pole, 1999

The Kiks.adi Memorial pole
35 feet Totem Pole, red cedar, Sitka National Historic Park